Where do we start?

Phillip Prany, founder and designer of Mener Grand Train, is a young entrepreneur who grew up in a small city of Fort Worth, Texas. He developed a passion for understanding the values of history and present, every day life and pursued that through clothing. He wanted to take the brand and name of Mener Grand Train, in French meaning, “to live in style” to inspire, not only in the sense of bespoke traditional ways, but the thought that he can incorporate that into new trends in the time that we live.

Mener Grand Train is not just a brand but an upcoming belief with the optimism that we will inspire this generation to become par with authority. On our fashion journey, we have befriended and associated with like minds who also understand that expression of self can be interpreted as art. Phillip wanted to express his art through hand-made products and accessories knowing that things that are hand-made will have imperfections, but through his eyes are perfection. The fact that it is imperfect shows quality and character. The detail of work and craftsmanship that goes into each product also shows a sense of uniqueness. As Phillip Prany quoted in his earlier interview,

Our goal at Mener Grand Train is to offer a variety of fashion outlooks because every style, like people, contributes their own unique individuality. Every style has beauty. My vision is to adapt to and incorporate each one to show people the broad spectrum of fashion. I strongly stand behind the definition of our brand, Mener Grand Train. Mener Grand Train is a lifestyle. Be yourself. We do not judge or criticize with any negative opinions – opinions such as how we dress or how we look.” 

Opinionating is what built this company to establish the integrity of what we stand for so whether it is trending, fashionable, or old school, we keep it in the same category. Nothing more or less.



Mustard Rose

19 USD


35 USD

Sketched Handmade

45 USD