Mener Grand Train Co. is a clothing company specializing in bespoke tailoring and handmade products. We are well-known for our bespoke suits. We use classic traditional tailoring techniques and methods that are true to bespoke tailoring. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we are proud that we do everything in-house – from drafting the pattern from scratch using our client’s measurements to constructing our suits from raw materials by hand. Everything is made-to-order. Our clients receive the full bespoke experience. Our clients are able to choose the style of their suit to the smallest details down to the thread. We have options such as pockets, lapel, fabric, lining, etc. We also do toile fittings, multiple fittings before finalizing on the fabric to ensure proper fitment for you, which most suit companies do not offer. At Mener Grand Train Co., we want you to know that your suit is made just for you and only for you. 

If you have any questions or would like to have a bespoke suit made for you, please e-mail us using the form below.