The traditional bespoke tailoring has been very influential in shaping Mener Grand Train as it reminisces a beautiful trade of art that has been passed down by many generations. Numerous designers have successfully mastered it and possess the knowledge of fundamental, traditional bespoke tailoring. Amongst them is Phillip Prany, founder and designer of Mener Grand Train. He is an upcoming designer who has been perfecting his craft and skills to create new innovative ways to integrate his sense of style in the production of Mener Grand Train’s bespoke tailoring line.

We will be offering not just hand-made products and accessories but also bespoke suits in a line that presents precision in details and style. Phillip’s construction techniques illustrates relevance in classic British, Neapolitan, and American tailoring. His expression of optimism and passion is also seen through each hand-constructed facet of the custom tailored suit. Such necessity of patience defines its greatness and is unlike fast, ready-to-wear methods. From the selection amongst an array of quality, raw materials of fabrics and patterns, to the hue of each hand-sewn thread, it is tailored for you.

Our bespoke tailoring line was created to enhance your fitment and exclusively personify you as an individual.


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